Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda

The Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda was buit by King Sri Suddhamma Raja in A.D 1693. It is located in the south of Yadanar Man Aung Pagoda. This Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered pagodas in Mrauk U. The pagoda was built with stones instead of bricks. The architecture of the pagoda is in the form of lotus flower. There are 12 small pagodas surrounding the main Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda. The dimension of the Pagoda is 240 feet and the height is about 114 feet. There are two statues of Orges guarding the pagoda. The sculptural arts of these two images are of rare artists. Also there are two statues of Nats, paying respect to Buddha.